Wednesday, November 9, 2011

just kids

during my train rides to and from work over the last week, i've been reading patti smith's memoir just kids.

she's a rock star poet. there are some incredibly memorable sentences throughout the book that have made me sit back and reflect - not about their meaning so much as the harmonious and clever way they are put together. this quote isnt from her book (that i've seen yet), but i saw it on the vast internets today:

i was lucky enough to see her perform during a book tour in england a couple years ago. i bought the book at the show after listening to her read a few passages, but i had to put it down the first time i tried reading it. she does a lot of name-dropping throughout, which is simultaneously fascinating and annoying, and a lot of the book focuses on her relationship with robert mapplethorpe. i couldnt take it at first.

but this time around i'm really enjoying her poetic phrases and i've been listening to more of her music as well. i love her passion and attitude.

here's a video of one of my favorite songs of hers, dancing barefoot. randomly, this is a version performed live with eddie vedder and johnny depp. it's a great version, aside from the person singing along during the choruses...


skywatcher88 said...

Hi Amanda
That was nice!
I enjoyed the Led Zep Link in your Twitter post today.Brings Back Memories for me.(I was 18 back then)Their accoustic songs are timeless.
Peace and Clear Skies!

Unknown said...

for anyone interested in that tweet...

Led Zeppelin IV was released 40 years ago. beautiful version of "Going to California"