Wednesday, October 26, 2011

miyajima: from one island to another

a true highlight of this epic trip around asia was a 26 hour stop on the japanese island of miyajima. when you take the ferry from hiroshima to the island, you are welcomed by an intriguing view of the itsukushima shrine.

a peak of the itsukushima shrine from the surrounding hills

part of the genius of this shrine is the beauty of how the design complements the tides completely. i arrived near low tide and could walk right out to this huge gate...

low tide at the gate, or torii, of the itsukushima shrine

a few hours later, the bottom of the structure is covered up with the rising water!

this is the major part of the itsukushima shrine and the high tide water rises right up to the platforms you walk along.

by sunset, the orange torii sits deeply in the water.

the torii at high tide

i love how the mountains in the background weave through the structure. this is ancient dynamic design, even though the structures dont actually move at all! gorgeous concept.

after this six week epic trip around asia, i'm now heading home to australia. one island to another.


Stuart said...

So glad you got to Miyajima. I didn't suggest it because I thought you might not have time to get there. I hope you didn't try one of the local sea snails too.

Unknown said...

miyajima is so close to hiroshima, i figured i couldnt miss it - and i'm so glad i went!

by "sea snails" do you mean oysters? i definitely tried those!

heroineworshipper said...

Lincoln wrote: "in the older parts of Asia, they scarcely know that such things as steamboats & railroads. exist. In anciently inhabited countries, the dust of ages -- a real downright old-fogyism -- seems to settle upon, and smother the intellects and energies of man." Yet now the fortunes have turned. Asia discovers, invents, and improves, faster than anyone while certain countries in the west are now utterly unconscious that their conditions, or their minds are capable of improvement.