Sunday, October 16, 2011

lady by tokyo

i arrived in japan today and during my first few hours of exploration, i wandered into an electronics and gaming market.

the amount of stuff one can store on teeny tiny little USB sticks now is remarkable!

then i found an entire floor of an arcade completely dedicated to photo booths! (i found several others later...)

no question, i had to try.

the booth i chose was called "Lady by Tokyo." being as the instructions were all in japanese, i had to guess at what was happening and therefore look a little funny in some of these shots.

things to notice:

- i am clearly taller than the average japanese person using these booths, as i was standing all the way at the back and my head was still cut off!

- you can use a machine to write things on the photos afterwards. i did lots of guessing as to what i was doing, and then the time ran out! no more adjusting.

- they *automatically* enlarge your eyes!?! i guess this is to be closer to the anime/manga image of women, but i find it a bit freaky.

ridiculous. charming. just wow.

i wish i had some friends here - this could be really fun!


Johnson said...

Funny :)

Andrew Hopkins said...

Very cool. Love the eye thing! Weird!