Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jiankou Great Wall

today was an exhausting and incredible day. i cannot believe how much we lucked out with the weather while we climbed up to and along the unrestored Jiankou section of the great wall of china. absolutely amazing.

until recently, i never really understood the desire some people had to walk along large sections of the 3500 mile long wall, but my opinion has changed dramatically. not only have i been reading a great book about a wall trek called embracing the dragon, by polly greeks, but now the experience of feeling the long mountain spine leaves me craving more.

maybe one day...

more photos sometime soon, need sleep.

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skywatcher88 said...

Awesome Amanda
Now that the Chinese are in space they can look back down on their great achievement from the past.
Have fun and hope your sore throat won`t leave you speechless.
Peace and Clear Skies!