Monday, July 19, 2010

Super Scientist

i'm pleased to announce that after the unexpected shock of being flung into the job market a few months ago, i have accepted a "super science fellowship" to work with the folks at the australian astronomical observatory near sydney, australia! woo hoo! (i'd say "yeehaw" but i dont think thats the proper phrase to use!)

primarily, i will be using data from the extensive multi-wavelength GAMA survey to look at the star formation history of the universe and to see how star formation in galaxies behaves as a function of stellar mass, morphology, and environment, as well as continuing some ongoing projects that i find interesting.

i'll be moving down under around november this year and fully welcome any tips about moving to australia or suggestions about cool neighborhoods to live in around sydney. i'm not really looking forward to another round of moving across the world and dealing with visa issues, etc... but i am certainly looking forward to exploring a new continent and mashing up my english accent even more than it already is!

someone suggested that australia is a mix of english and texan culture, which is an intriguing statement. i hope it combines the outdoorsy adventurousness and tasty beverage aspects, and not the conservative, judgmental, moaning-about-the-weather parts.

i feel like with the fantastic title of super scientist, i should be entitled to wear some sort of super hero outfit, but apparently capes are not advised ;(


Ptolemy said...

Congratulations! How exciting that your job allows you to so thoroughly explore our tiny part of the universe!

Anonymous said...

Congrats. You should check out the BBC show "Supernova": about a group of astronomers in Australia. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Amanda, as a long time follower of your progres, this is thrilling news.

I could not be prouder, if you were my own daughter.

Jaya said...

Congratulations! I wish you much luck in Australia. It's really quite lovely. Many many outdoorsy things to do.

StuntTrader said...

Congrats Mazza, the super hero Bruces & Trevs downunder are readily identified by wearing their grundies over their daks, this hasn't caught on yet with the super hero Sheilas but we can but hope..
You're coming at the right time of year, but it can get very hot, so I can only suggest you look for somwhere in the hills where it's cooler & where you will avoid the flies & bogans.