Monday, October 12, 2009

veiled by the moon: a total solar eclipse

rare phenomenon
confusing the ancients
creating a continual chill on my skin.
instant addiction
sublime atmosphere
faint blue glow feels like an unknown distant planet
providing hope for every possibility.
just a few minutes of boundariless bliss
many times the speed of sound, the shadow travels
to meet my wondering soul
our wandering souls.
we line up on a patch of earth 100 miles wide
and wait to witness the momentary wonder
dreamy dark orb in the sky
hanging above the shrieks and fireworks from the ground.
nothing compares to being veiled by the moon.
naked. raw. pure. light...
during daytime darkness
a contradiction
an alignment so perfectly spectacular,
witnessed as a unique display of our special existence
without synthetic interference.
quicker than it approaches, it disappears.
but the experience remains...
forever, i imagine.

1 comment:

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

That looks like it was taken in China last july
I missed that eclipse due to a broken arm just the week before I was due to go.