Tuesday, July 28, 2009

total solar eclipse 2009 - video!!

i just returned from the dark side!! i couldnt access this blog, facebook, twitter, or youtube while in china, so sorry for the delay!

without further ado, here is the video of the solar eclipse that i actually (and very surprisingly considering the weather) got to see from ningbo, china on july 22, 2009!!!!

the experience felt like i was on another planet for 4 minutes and 21 seconds! i completely understand now why people regularly travel around the world to experience a few minutes of surreal science non-fiction!

thanks a billion to the university of nottingham, the sixty symbols project, and especially brady haran, for inviting me to come along on this wild adventure and for brilliantly capturing and editing the footage!

see more photos here!


Steve Hall said...

Watched the video when Brady posted it a couple days ago...AWESOME! Really great job by both of you. :)

Hope you get down to Chile next year!

Eva said...

Thanks a lot for the video, it was so exciting to watch!. I know someone from here that also flew all the way there and didn't manage to see a thing, so you totally lucked out!.

Unknown said...

everyone i talked to who came to china or lives along the path of totality was completely clouded out. i'm in awe of how lucky we were!

Ken Riches said...

What an awesome trip and experience you had. Thank you so much for the video. Good luck for South America in 2010 :o)

Sarah M. Baker said...

Wow, Amanda, this is really amazing. So glad you and your friends documented this for the rest of us to see! My husband shared it with his Astronomy class too. :-)

Sarah Durham-Baker

izlesene said...

ReaLLy, iS it so beautifuL ?.

canon said...

wonderfull. i love the video so much. you can find more similiar video with my video search engine