Tuesday, July 14, 2009

bubbles: a consideration

bubbles are fun and photogenic, no matter what age you are!

last month, there was a gathering in times square of people playing with bubbles. edward champion created a nice little video about the event.

anyone know the song? i love it!


Big Mark 243 said...

Interesting ... other than being en Francis, I can't help with the song.

HEY! I went and saw your donation link. Your entries have been so much fun, I would like to contribute a little something to the cause BUT I don't have a credit card. Or check book.

Is there an address to send my modest contributions? If so, you could email me. If not, I understand.

FlyingSinger said...

It's by a 19 year old girl from Quebec who goes by the name Coeur de Pirate (Pirate's Heart) but her name is Béatrice Martin. The song is "Fondu au Noir" (Fade to Black). I'm OK in French but I needed some help from my Quebecois co-worker on this. Pretty song! Great video too.

astropixie said...

thanks for the song info - thats great!!

ans thanks for your enthusiasm, big mark! i'll send you an email!