Saturday, October 24, 2009

space day and moon watch

we're hosting a space day and moon watch event at the nottingham castle in honor of the international year of astronomy 2009.

i've never organized an event as large as this and its been an interesting exercise in administrative business dealings. i've been in complete control of planning everything: instigating, organizing, scheduling, justifying and seeking funding, allocating, etc... overall, it has been fun, but exhausting! i'm extremely grateful to all those around the community who have volunteered their time and resources to help organize!

since the event takes place on halloween, we're having a costume contest and i finally have mine together! i'll let you guess what it is when i take pictures at the event!!

maybe the best part of the event is that my mom is coming all the way from the US to enjoy the day and visit for a while! cant wait to see her and spend time together - i hope she wears a costume ;)


Anonymous said...

Are there posters? We'd love one if ya got any printed up! jeff/ Cindy

Tidley_wink said...

you are going to love her costume! i will let you be surprised. But it definitely passed my inspection.

Unknown said...

ooooo!! it must be good.... youre an honest critic!

cant wait!

Eva said...

Good luck!, I look forward to hearing how it goes... and I am so curious about your costume!!