Friday, January 2, 2009

idyllic italy - the amalfi coast

i took these images in several cities along the amalfi coast of italy. the landscape is absolutely breathtaking, while the atmosphere reveals a tourist-dependence in the region - even during the off-season when i visited in november.

clear water.

the town of amalfi.

the duomo (cathedral) of amalfi.


scratch that - i want to change my house number!

absolutely no bugling!

along the walk from altrani to ravello, a town whose name is derived from its onetime "rebellious" attitude!

scenes from ravello.

the world is full of ex-doorways.

cool lights in salerno

mmm.... pizza.

i stayed at hostels while traveling, but there are wide variety of amalfi hotels to choose from.

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Julia said...

Oh my goodness. This makes me want to pack a bag and hop a plane RIGHT NOW.

Anonymous said...

WOW Amanda...
this is beautiful!

Electro said...

seriously sweet pics

mebbe go badastros route and get into astronomical imaging.

I hear he writes books now.;)