Tuesday, January 20, 2009

finally - a new US president!

this happy day is finally here: bush is out, obama is in. i'm extremely excited!! the world has high expectations for obama, which are nearly as high as what he seems to have set for himself! its unrealistic that he will accomplish all the changes he seeks, but i honor his conviction and determination, even if i dont agree with all of his suggestions. i'm ready to enjoy this inaugural day. i'm looking forward to no longer instantly rolling my eyes in disappointment (to say it lightly) every time my president opens his pie hole.

these nice images show the inauguration preparation (from the big picture):

the US capitol building where the official inauguration is taking place today, january 20, 2009, using abraham lincoln's bible.

nasa will participate in the inaugural parade! astronaut michael gernhardt will drive the new lunar electric rover, pictured above, which is current design for a mission to the moon in about 12 years! also participating are the entire crew that flew on space shuttle endeavour in november 2008 on the STS-126 mission.

up to 120,000 passengers an hour can be carried on washington dc's metro system... using these fancy tickets!

and please, someone explain to me the appeal of wax figures!! i just dont get it! they always seem more creepy than anything.

anyway, enjoy the day!!


Steve Jeffery said...

It's certainly an auspicious day, and yes, it's wise to remember he's just one man, a politician at that, who with the best of intentions has a huge task ahead of him, but at the very least I think he can bring a sense of hope, which sometimes is enough to make a difference.

Wax figures, meh. I can see how they might have been relevant back in the 18th Century, when a three dimensional representation of a famous person might have been a real novelty, but in these days of television and other mass media, not so much, and definitely a little creepy. Incidentally, re. that link, on a visit to London many years ago my mother and I managed to accidentally walk into Madame Tussauds through the exit, following a visit to the London Planetarium. The latter was by far the more impressive, and I was gutted to find it had closed.

heroineworshipper said...

Will you be supporting his economic plan by buying government bonds or taking more vacations?