Thursday, June 19, 2008

euro cup quarterfinals

tomorrow welcomes the euro cup 2008 quarterfinals! the match-ups are:

QF1: portugal vs. germany
QF2: croatia vs. turkey
QF3: netherlands vs. russia
QF4: spain vs. italy

my predictions were pretty close, other than the lack of the czech republic and the inclusion of turkey.

italy managed to squeeze in to the next round. they've been creating scoring opportunities, but they need to finish (come on luca toni!). i also wasnt too impressed with their defense. spain and portugal both look good and i'm excited to see how long the netherlands can keep up their scoring spree!

i'm definitely excited about the germany vs. portugal match tomorrow! i'm still cheering for germany, although they definitely need to step up their game if they expect to beat portugal. i thought philipp lahm played brilliantly against austria and hope the rest of the team can feed off his play-making enthusiasm.


Anonymous said...

The quarterfinal next saturday, Netherlands vs Russia, has a very dtuch accent: the coach of Russia is a dutchman, Guus Hiddink. Same man who coached South-Korea during the Worldcup in 2006.

Eva said...

The best thing for the aesthetics of the tournament would be for all the first places of the groups to win... but who knows what will happen. I just hope that we have good games ahead of us.

Unsui said...

You are right about Italian Defence. With Fabio Cannavaro out on onset, the campaign has started on wrong note for them. Gettuso makings of mafiosi than a defender and anyways he has collected his two yellows. And about the attack after Totti none of their front liners have impressed. I have not seen Del Peiro live up to all the hype surrounding him.

All the same talking of Europe, Italy is my team :)

About Portugal - Time and again team nature of game strikes out , Earlier it was Figo and now we have Ronaldo, and still Portugal can't find the perfect recipe.


Unknown said...

i say portugal's defense lost that match for them... but an exciting game to watch!