Monday, June 2, 2008

appreciating the potato

the year 2008 is nearly halfway over and i just learned that it's the international year of the potato! that website has world history of the potato, loads of recipes, nutritional info, anecdotes from different cultural use of the potato, pictures, and much more!

so i made a (loosely) potato-inspired meal for dinner tonight! i cut up veggies for a salad, and made mashed potatoes with chives. i used the mashed potatoes to line a bowl of lentils and collard greens that i made a few nights ago.

here's another meal involving potatoes that i prepared a few months ago: red beet-dyed quinoa with a potato, sausage and swiss chard combo. topped with some sesame seeds and fresh micro green sprouts!

mmm.... food!


heroineworshipper said...

PhD complete, time to become domesticated.

Unknown said...

hahaha! thats a pretty funny comment.

actually, i've enjoyed cooking all along, i just haven't posted much about those adventures.