Friday, June 27, 2008

euro cup 2008 goals

of euro cup 2008 according to fliggo!


Unsui said...

Well your predictions have materialized :) Congrats!!
And yes Russia would have been tougher opponent than Spain for Germany


Eva said...

I disagree with unsui, Spain is by far the toughest opponent in this tournament, they have proven it again and again. The Germans would have definitely managed to control the Russians, and they will have a tough time with Spain.

Unfortunately what matters in this game is how efficient you are. Germany makes it to the area fewer times, but has a huge scoring efficiency, while the Turks make it there a lot, and just can't close the deal (against a more capable defense, that is).

All that said, I am wholeheartedly supporting Spain now. They have shown the best looking soccer of the tournament.

AirportNoiz said...

I enjoyed the first Holland goal shown best; good save, coast-to-coast, beautiful crosses, header, and a x-bar bank shot. Wow!

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