Tuesday, February 19, 2008

total lunar eclipse this wednesday

hope for clear skies this wednesday evening... especially if you live in the americas... and wake up early with clear-sky hopes if you're in western europe or western africa! people in these locations on earth will see the moon pass thru the earth's shadow, creating a total lunar eclipse!

if you're in austin, then enjoy the free public lecture at 7:30 and then head outside to view the eclipse!

we wont get another total lunar eclipse from the americas until night of december 20–21, 2010... so enjoy this one if the weather permits!

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C W Magee said...

While your plugging observational goodies, can I point out that Mercury is currently very easy to spot in the early morning sky? It is the bright "star" below Venus, about 1/3 of the Venus-Jupiter distance, in the Eastern sky. Here in Oz it is about 1/2 way between Venus and the horizon when the sky first starts to get light, but latitude and local conditions might change that.