Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Top 5 Under 40 in Australian Science

I'm very proud to announce that I'm a finalist for the Top 5 Under 40 in australian science! As part of the program, I'll attend a workshop this Thursday and Friday to get media production and science communication training, and then pitch an idea for a radio program to the panel of judges. eek! also, woohoo!

This initiative is supported by UNSW and ABC Radio National to mark 40 years of The Science Show. The winners - the ‘Top 5’ - will be announced on The Science Show on 7 March.  fingers crossed!


Eva said...

We will be rooting for you!!... probably at the wrong time of the day, but still.

cfredrofAlice said...

Hey Amanda, I just listened again to question barn 7 Titanium Physicists, a great session with Ben Tippet there. When I looked at some of the pics of you guys fiddling with optics in the middle of an Aussie night, I felel kinda proud of what scientists/physicists like you mob do. I've lived in the Alice about 20 years, so I can relate to your isolation. I was a member of the local astronomy club but it sadly folded. And enjoyed the gig you did for www.abc.net.au/rn and generally would just like to say thanks for your outreach:) I'm in Alice over Xmas and I look forward to following more of what you do via the blog and Twitter , go well Amanda!