Monday, April 14, 2014

total lunar eclipse: 15 april 2014

a total lunar eclipse will occur tomorrow!  will it be visible to you?   check this site to find out.

the eclipse is visible from the red regions (credit:

for those on the east coast of australia, the moon will peak above the eastern horizon around 5:30 pm fully immersed in the earth's shadow.   it will be glowing red instead of the bright white of the normal full moon.  the full eclipse will last for about an hour as the moon rise continues on the eastern horizon and the sun sets in the west.

also, dont miss a very bright mars very close to the eclipsed moon.   such an astronomical treat!

the eastern horizon from sydney at 6:30 pm 15 april 2014 (credit: ian musgrave)

looking forward to the views!

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