Tuesday, April 22, 2014

to siding spring observatory!

taking a road trip tomorrow to siding spring observatory.   it's a pleasant ~7 hour drive across a fair chunk of australia!

from sydney to coonabarabran!

i'll be up during the nights for the next week observing for the SAMI survey.  i also plan to update that front page as, weather permitting, we will observe the 700th SAMI galaxy this week!  that's more galaxies with integral field spectroscopy (IFS) than previously observed by all other surveys combined! IFS allows a unique view of how stars and gas zoom around inside distant galaxies because we collect dozens of spectra across the entire face of each galaxy.

hopefully i'll have time to write more throughout the week! 

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heroineworshipper said...

And I thought spending 5 hours to drive to LA twice a year was long. At least it's on company time.