Tuesday, January 14, 2014

what is the sun?

last year i was invited to be a consultant for a group of digital media design students at swinburne university in melbourne, who were tasked with making an animated astronomy video to answer a question asked by a student in africa.  the student asked "what is the sun?"

after seeing a first draft, i spent a few hours giving some suggestions, and the video below is the result of their hard work.   i think it's fantastic, although i must point out that i'm fairly sure my voice is a bit different than the one my character in the video possesses ;)

"Created by Christ Thompson, Kenneth Waples and Leigh Bennet, Jimmy and the Sun is a tale of a young inquisitive lad who has some big questions about science.  Jimmy has always wondered how and why, when and where, and with the help of super hero Astrophysicist Dr Amanda Bauer, is learning some of the biggest mysteries in the galaxy."

The Adventures of Jimmy from scienceqanda on Vimeo.


heroineworshipper said...

Female voice overs are expensive.

Peregrine said...

Too bad they couldn't get you to do the voice too.

Unknown said...

peregrine - i didnt even think to suggest that! i assumed the voice would be changed from the draft version i saw, i guess. why are simple solutions so obvious *after* you hear them and often when its too late!!??

heroineworshipper said...

Just a matter of downloading, cutting & pasting. The magic of technology.