Monday, January 20, 2014

siding spring obs fires: one year later

watching the natural process of regrowth around siding spring observatory after the fires that swept through exactly a year ago has been fascinating.  AAO's zoe holcombe took all these photos and i put them together to directly compare the detail.   

the trees all look fuzzy!


StuntTrader said...

Bush fires in Eucalypt forests are usually started by lightning strikes, & are normal & essential for forest regeneration.
Anyone entering into that environment should expect to be exposed to extreme fire events every 50 years or so.
I'm a tree hugging greenie, but even I can see you guys clearly need some vegetation management - it's not rocket science!

Big Mark 243 said...

... I had a giggle at StuntTrader's wordplay... considering the great distances that you and your colleague's monitor, you may as well be involved with rocket science..!

... it just goes to show that what was here before us will come back and reclaim what is rightfully theirs...