Saturday, December 14, 2013

year in review

xkcd hits it exactly right in the year in review comic.  i still have not managed to see an aurora!

with hidden comment "all in all, i give this year a C-.  there were no aurora visible from my house and that comet evaporated.  they'd better not cancel the 2017 eclipse."  amen to that.  

but for myself, i'd say it has been a fairly good year.   lost the super, but gained an official "science communicator" role.  moved to a new flat that has a garden to play in.  visiting family for a second time. siding spring observatory survived the bush fires.   explored the great barrier reed with my mom.  talked to my nephew's class about astronomy and being a scientist. probably more that i cant recall right now.  

thanks everybody for hanging around :)


G Roelofs said...

Maybe someday it'll grow up into a Great Barrier Tuft of Reeds.


Not a bad year indeed.

Ggreybeard said...

2014 should be a good year too - I am sure your first visit to MAS, in March, will be one of the highlights!
: ))