Tuesday, July 30, 2013

galaxy fireworks: conference photos

i wanted to share some photos from the galaxy fireworks conference from late june, including my favorite - the conference photo!

Conference Photo (Credit: Angel Lopez-Sanchez)
at the beginning of the conference, i welcomed everyone by recognizing and thanking the local organizing committee, and by sharing the geographic and gender demographics of the conference participants (~50% from outside australia; 40% women).

i like this demonstration of how computer simulations start from the most simple approximation to the most complex (nature):

Slide by Danail Obreschkow
the conference brought together the current (left) and most recent former director of the australian astronomical observatory (AAO).

warrick couch and matthew colless
before the conference dinner, we admired the stars of the southern sky and heard a few stories of australian indigenous astronomy.

astronomers actually looking at stars in the night sky!
the cape made a brief appearance at the conference dinner ;)

super science was discussed
and i'll mention an entertaining moment during the talks - this slide suggesting conference-themed acronyms...

Slide by Stuart Ryder
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