Friday, April 27, 2012


s'mores are an american campfire classic consisting of a roasted marshmallow placed between two graham crackers along with a large chunk of hershey chocolate.

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there is a definite technique to the process of making a s'more, but no real wrong method.  

finding a roasting stick of proper thickness and length on which to place your marshmallow is the first challenge.  you must be able to hold the marshmallow into the fire while standing at enough distance to not burn yourself!  bonus points for sticks that allow for multiple marshmallows roasting simultaneously. 

then you have to get good fire coverage of the marshmallow so that it doesnt burn too much on the outside before it melts through to the center, ensuring that the marshmallow doesnt slide right off the stick if it accidentally melts too much!

the final step involves sliding the perfectly roasted marshmallow between the chocolate-laden graham crackers without getting your fingers too sticky. then you have to wait just long enough that the chocolate melts from the heat of the marshmallow, but not too much!

finally, a wonderful few mouthfuls of yumminess await.

why am i mentioning all this?   because of a hilariously posh little indoor s'mores tray that i just saw on the internets.  if this was on the menu, i would order it immediately!



StuntTrader said...

Is that internets as in lolcats "I'm in yur computer stealing yur internets ?
I canhaz bandwidth :)

Joseph Lazio said...

Have had great fun introducing s'mores to my international colleagues. Often there is a puzzled, trying to be polite look. Unfortunately, I don't remember statistics of how many were hooked vs. how many tried a taste then were suddenly distracted.