Sunday, March 18, 2012

girl scout cookies

many folks from the US are currently digging into their stash of this year's girl scout cookies, or maybe they've already finished their thin mints or my personal favorite, peanut butter patties.

as far as i've seen so far in australia, there is not really an equivalent of the girl scouts, or their cookies. a little googling tells me otherwise, as the girl guides exist and they sell biscuits as a fund raiser, but i guess i dont know enough young people here to be exposed.

anyway, the other week at work someone was selling these caramel chocolate delights on behalf of her son:

despite the fact that i laugh every time i see them because of their sheer australia-ness, i bought several and stashed them in my desk for when i need a sweet overload of chocolate and caramel! yum!

1 comment:

Mike said...

Caramelo koalas! We love them and brings bags home every time we go. Freddo frogs and other associated delights are equally good.