Monday, April 25, 2011

Pythagoras’ Trousers radio show

while visiting cardiff a couple weeks ago, i participated in a radio interview for a show called pythagoras' trousers. the show examines current issues "from the worlds of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, bringing these fields to a wider audience and promoting these subject areas to school pupils." excellent stuff!

the episode is called:
Bank Holiday Astronomy Special: Herschel Space Mission

and will be aired tonight, monday 25th april, from 8-8:30pm (GMT, which is 3-3:30pm EDT). you can listen to the show at radio cardiff (locally at 98.7FM) or streaming online, or anytime after the air date as a podcast at pythagorus' trousers.

i havent heard the episode yet, but during the interview, i talked about what knowledge we gain by using long-wavelength herschel space telescope observations to complement optical data of distant galaxies in the universe, and also what these combined observations teach us about our own milky way galaxy.

the image above shows the andromeda galaxy (M31) through herschel's big eye.

to learn more about the herschel space observatory, please check out the very nice website produced by the outreach group at cardiff university: click here!

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8:00-8:30pm BST (7:00-7:30pm UTC ~= GMT)