Wednesday, April 27, 2011

heidelberg, germany

two weeks ago i visited the lovely city of heidelberg, germany and the max planck institute for astronomy (MPIA) located on top of a mountain overlooking heidelberg.

the little city has a very large castle!

and a big river with an old bridge to walk across.

i love the coziness of restaurants that serve german food, i just wish i would have thought to take this photo when the plate was still full with yummy spƤtzle and meat.

after a nice journey up the steep hill ("berg" = mountain) in a funicular, we saw some lovely views and walked the rest of the way to MPIA through a forest.

just next to the MPIA, a building is being constructed in the shape of a spiral galaxy (!!) and will host the haus der astronomie - an exciting organization dedicated to teaching astronomy to school children and adults all over the german-speaking world!

i was lucky enough to get a full tour :)

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