Tuesday, September 7, 2010

england's lake district

a couple weeks ago i drove to england's lake district with some friends. the drive was gorgeous, if a bit strenuous for the vehicle!

obviously, lakes are plentiful.

another strikingly abundant feature of much of the british countryside is stone walls. they seem to meander randomly around many areas i've explored and are even identified on ordinance survey maps indicating places where crossings have been constructed!

the presence of the walls has something to do with the enclosure acts that started in the mid 1700s requiring farmers to enclose their fields. over 5000 acts of parliament were passed which covered almost 7 million acres of land, enclosing about 21% of england!

the greenest grass ever?

amazingly, the weather was pleasant throughout the entire weekend, but i must admit that plentiful showers bring lovely flowers!

we ended the weekend with a bit of fun at the beach!

"nottn'm woz 'ere"


Ed Davies said...

"Ordnance Survey", not "Ordinance"; it's about guns, not local laws. More specifically, it's about Napoleonic guns as the OS was originally created to make good maps of Britain to give the defenders an advantage if Napoleon invaded.

Dan Satterfield said...

Love the Lake District. Spent a weekend there a cpl years back. Great shots!