Wednesday, September 29, 2010

do physicists believe in god?

we are a small sample size, but the physicists of sixty symbols weigh in on the question... do you believe in god?

in addition, we also share our favorite "astronomical feature" in the video.

i havent written too much on my personal (lack of) belief in god on this blog, but here is something i wrote in 2006, if youre interested.


Kirsch said...

Nice cameo.

Peregrine said...

I found Dr. Moriarty's story about trying to do experiments on the transubstantiated host particularly interesting. Back in my choir days, a couple of the kids came up with the old joke; you know the one - the cannibal thing...

They were quickly rebuked. No explanation provided; just blanket "No. That's not funny, and don't ever talk like that again." No explanation required. Just "this is the way it is, you don't need proof, just believe it, and don't ask questions."

They take that bit particularly seriously.

Unknown said...

the whole concept of "eating the body of christ" and "drinking his blood" always freaked me out as a kid... and still does today, actually.