Wednesday, August 18, 2010

perseids and planets: evidence

did anyone get out to see the perseid meteor shower or the planets last week? in case you were clouded out or just not lucky this time around, you can see a nice 2010 perseids photo gallery, from which i've chosen a couple to share.

this is a shot by david harvey from mount lemmon in arizona, USA on august 12, 2010:

this capture comes from amir abolfath, from the alamut castle in iran, august 14, 2010:

today's APOD shows a lovely view of the current planetary alignment from a beach in portugal.

here's a key they provide so you can keep an eye out over the next few evenings! :)


amydove said...

I got to see a few meteors the day after the peak. Unfortunately I only have a window of about 15 minutes when I can view the planets between daylight and them setting, so I can't share them with the public!

Mrs. Yollis said...

Great blog!

I live in southern California and tried to see the luck. However, I did just find this time lapse video of it. It is filmed in Joshua Tree National Park...a favorite of mine.

I thought you might enjoy seeing it.

Perseid Show at Joshua Tree