Friday, August 27, 2010

bad universe on TV!

phil plait, aka the bad astronomer, has a tv show on the discovery channel!! so if youre in the US, tune in this sunday night at 10pm.

here's a description of the episode: "65 million years ago, an asteroid bigger than Mount Everest slammed into the Earth wiping out the dinosaurs. Are we in for the same fate? Phil Plait investigates the possibility and tests some explosive measures that may just save our planet."

and here's a preview:

i'm excited for this opportunity for phil and i'm thrilled that he gets to share his enthusiasm and knowledge on TV for the masses! let me know what you think!


Nikky said...

as someone who watches all things space related i will be watching this on sunday! I think I may have just found (with your help!) my new favorite show!

IvoryBlossom said...

Phil is just the right combination of strange science nerd and hilarious commentator. A commander of the written word I have faith the bad astronomer will bring sing the ballad of the heavens for even the most attention deficit audience. Go AstroNerds!!