Saturday, April 10, 2010

cute boys with cats

a few weeks ago, i saw this picture of earnest hemingway with a cat. there's something very intriguing about it.

and then saw marlon brando. lovely.

so i started to keep an eye out for random old photos of people with their cats. and then i found it: cute boys with cats. i cant believe this site exists! i'm hesitant to admit it, but i've been moderately obsessed with this website over the last week. most of the photos are just so charming! so check out that site, but for now i'll share with you my collection from the interwebs.


Nikky said...

those are super cute! I like the Morgan Freeman picture. Good find!

heroineworshipper said...

Well, Hemmingway's heroine needed to eat more.

Sakib said...

Awwww they're sooo cute!

Guzzo said...

Wow, I thought I would never see Freddie Mercury petting a pussy. ;-)