Saturday, December 6, 2008

tchaikovsky's nutcracker suite

to get into the holiday spirit, listen to the brilliance of tchaikovsky's nutcracker suite, composed in 1891 and 92. here are videos of the piece performed by the berliner philharmoniker. the conductor, seiji ozawa, is also quite entertaining!

my favorite movement from the first part is the dance of the sugar plum fairies, starting around 3:40. and in the second video, dont miss the flower waltz, starting around 4:00, which includes an ethereal harp solo.


Steve Jeffery said...

Coincidentally, or not considering 'tis the season, the ballet of the Nutcracker is on this weekend at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham, performed by the St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre. I'm otherwise engaged alas or I'd be seriously tempted.

Unknown said...

thanks, steve! i'm on it!