Tuesday, August 19, 2008

to go, please!

a disadvantage of my new job, is that they are paying no relocation fees! bug dud! so my mission was to reduce and efficiently pack my load of possessions:

after much procrastination and then effort, it's finished!

that's it. two boxes were mailed home, the plastic containers and little boxes were mailed to england (come on US postal service, make it work!), and the colorful items come with me on the plane.

i spent a lot of time yesterday fashioning that big box from a refrigerator box, to send some artwork in:

but it was too big to ship for any reasonable price :( so i had to perform surgery on the poor painting and now it's all rolled up with the other paintings in the tube. sorry, shay... but i had to do it!

thanks to cindy and jeff cook for giving me a great place to stay this last week and a half in austin. i'll miss you all, but not so much the heat of texas!


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Unsui said...

Ahh the joys!? of packing :D reminds me of Jerome K Jerome in three men and the boat http://www.authorama.com/three-men-in-a-boat-4.html

For someone living in and out of bags and travelling around (and someone who loathes packing) I admire the people who are efficient packers. So my hats off to you .... Bon Voyage

Cheers, Mahesh