Sunday, November 4, 2007

early morning, early november treat!

i dont like waking up early, but luckily this sunday night, i'll be up all night anyway at the gemini-n telescope! everyone else.... if you wake up early monday morning, you'll certainly enjoy all the cool things the universe has in store for you...

three planets are up in the morning right now. venus is incredibly bright, and right beside the waning crescent moon monday morning. above these two beauties, along the ecliptic, hangs a bright, yellowish saturn. continuing upward, you'll see the star regulus (yes, they're still together in the sky, but not quite as close as they were a few weeks ago). still along the ecliptic, and almost overhead, mars shines orange, between gemini, with the bright stars, castor and pollux, and the familiar northern constellation, orion.

depending on where you live, the international space station AND the space shuttle discovery (which is currently docked to the ISS) will be passing overhead!! they fly above mexico and the lower US (around 6am for austin - check out heavens above to see when the ISS passes over your part of the world.) and pass between saturn and mars on the sky.

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