Friday, December 25, 2015

special full moon on christmas day

today's full moon is the first on christmas day in 38 years.  the year was 1977 - when Star Wars Episode IV was released!

via NASA

without any spoilers - i really enjoyed the new star wars, the force awakens, released this holiday season.  i enjoyed most of the new characters they introduced, including Rey, who is a major character.  but how pathetic that she's not included by several retailers?   DO BETTER HUMANS!

From Jamie Ford on twitter

anyway, happy holidays, everyone!


heroineworshipper said...

Still not enough female star wars fans to sustain a toy, after 38 years.

Unknown said...

um... blaming random women for problem within commercial industry to represent important characters?

wrong answer.

cfredrofAlice said...

Nice to see a picture of the Xmas moon; on Xmas day we got some cloud and rain in the Alice-Alice Snow- but a Ray did burst through when we hit the cinema. Thanks for doing what you do Amanda, happy new year!