Wednesday, December 10, 2014

classic astronomy question

i did a live radio show tonight, welcoming callers to ask any space-related question they wanted. the first caller was an 8 year old girl who asked "are stars made of gas?" (yes.) then she said her brother was with her and wanted to ask a question and was that ok? (sure.) the brother grabbed the phone, took an audible breath, and TOTALLY snuck in "how big is uranus?" LIVE ON AIR! haha! props, kid!

what would your answer have been?


Anonymous said...

I would have said "Uranus is the 3rd-largest planet in the solar system, you dirty little brat!"

ST said...

How big is Uranus?

1. I don't know. but usually it appears biggest on a full moon.

2. Not very, an assteroid could easily wipe it out.