Wednesday, June 11, 2014

the 2014 world cup is about to begin!!!

i love the world cup.  i'm so freaking excited about it starting in a few days! i even joined a soccer team a few months ago and have been enjoying full field, 11 player games.   it has been so long since i played on full-size grass fields that i didnt realize how much i loved it.

definitely not a handball :)

there are two things i do not like about this world cup:

(1) the start times of matches when viewed in australia are 2 am, 5am, and 8am.   so much for sleep.  

(2) FIFA, the organizing body, is as about as corrupt as an organization can be.

let john oliver explain in his highly entertaining way...


StuntTrader said...

Pointing just the pinkie isn't enough when your playing soccer :)
Secret hand signal to all the other players - Run away & hide...
Goodonya sportypixie !

StuntTrader said...

typo; 'your' should have been 'you're'!
PS First time I've seen John Oliver, good stuff.

Unknown said...

thanks, ST! :)

heroineworshipper said...

Head butts are the secret of getting better at math.

ST said...

2014 Fifa Wc FINAL Live Ger V Arg
3:30 am

OMG 3.30am Think I'll just watch the 2nd half!

StuntTrader said...

Missed most of the world cup final live but just saw the winning goal.
The best part was the crowd shots - towards the end we saw 'speak no evil', then we got a shot of both 'hear no evil and 'see no evil'!