Sunday, March 30, 2014

dear blog

dear blog,

i do think about you, sweet blog.   i think about things i'd like to write and post and share and comment on, and then i cant seem to find the time.   it's some combination of my new(ish) job, that has me doing outreachy type things for the AAO during my days, and rekindling a couple old hobbies, that has taken my attention away from you.

i'll try to do better.  i want to do better.   in fact, i want to move you to a different host and redesign your look a bit. i've talked about this before, but i promise i will dedicate time and take action to do this soon. maybe some kind soul will even help (actually, i would pay them for their skills and time).
i have some good photos and stories in the works to post to you soon, so please be patient.  until then, old friend, to tide you over here are a few photos from last week when i was working in new zealand, so that you dont forget me.

(upsidedown) orion and a bright jupiter (lower right)

In the Land of the Long White Cloud

the southern cross over the ocean

thanks for your continued dedication :)



skywatcher88 said...

Very nice ! I love the way Orion appears upside down from way down south of the equator! Hope to see it that way myself some day!
Peace and clear skies!

heroineworshipper said...

It's that age when growing careers, growing families, & finally having the means to do stuff in real life take people away from the internet. My generation invented the blog, but has mostly moved on. Youtube will always be 25.

Big Mark 243 said...

... PLEASE make sure I know where you go Pixie... you look so happy in your picture and I do so enjoy what you share in your blog..!

Nita said...

Gorgeous photo of the Southern Cross!