Thursday, June 6, 2013

dirty space news: albedo libido

today's installment of dirty space news asks the question: does albedo affect libido?   that's how i interpret this research by aomawa shields and collaborators, anyway!

the way a planet's climate behaves is caused by many factors, one of which is the the kind of light that shines from the star around which the planet orbits, and how this light reflects of the planet's ice and water.  the amount of light reflected is called "albedo" and can be thought of as measuring the "whiteness" of the planet.

this paper tests how different kinds of light from a parent star can affect different layers of the planet's atmosphere, and well, changes in the model dont appear to affect libido ;)

their models also appear to have found some creepy duck clown face thing with a looming monster.   i dont claim to understand this part of the research at all!

thanks to alex parker for the dirty tip on twitter.  


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George Darcy said...

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ST said...

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ST said...

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