Wednesday, June 6, 2012

tiny black spot on the sun

here's a photo of the transit of venus taken by a colleague, aaron robotham, who is with me at this multi-wavelength surveys conference in the hunter wine valley, australia.    he made a filter for his camera, and here captures not only venus near the beginning of the transit event, but also a handful of dark sunspots scattered across the sun's surface.

Photo Credit: Aaron Robotham


C W Magee said...

So those aren't just smudges on my binocular lenses! Hooray for real astronomers.

ValHallen said...

How did he make the filter?!?!

Unsui said...

@ValHallen - I used #14Welding glasses. You can purchase them in the DIY section or specialty store like Home Depot.

This article may be of help

Anonymous said...

I made it using Baadar solar film, cardboard, double sided sticky tape and lots of swearing :-)