Tuesday, May 8, 2012

jervis bay supermoon

i went camping over the weekend at jervis bay (pronounced "jar-vis"), about a three hour drive south of sydney.  i'm sure these beaches are much more crowded in the summer months, but they were wonderfully isolated for us!

after a day of bush walking, rock climbing along the shoreline, sea creature searching, bird watching, and eating, we sat on the white sands by the sea, listening to the waves, watching the day slip away.

  the sun set to our left.


the full ("super") moon rose to our right.  yes, it looked amazingly bright in the empty landscape, but its not really that much brighter than normal even though it was a perigee and therefore at the closest point to earth in it's not-quite-circular orbit.

an incredibly bright venus sank in the sky over the water.

lunar light reflected off the waves.   pools of moon.  

and all around our campsite were my favourite birds - kookaburras!! 



heroineworshipper said...

Very romantic.

Sakib said...

The picture of the beach with the moon rising reminds me of the Ring Nebula! The beach is the outer ring and the water represents the inner oxygen shell!