Thursday, December 1, 2011

spend time instead of money

very nice things to keep in mind this holiday season:

via julia blogs it like she sees it

some links:

etsy - "Buy directly from small creative businesses from all over the world. With over 11 million handmade and vintage items, there really is something unique for everyone."

kiva - "We are a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. "

UPDATE:  as pointed out in the comments, i advocate not creating debts, but then advertise Kiva ("loans that change lives").   i'll explain the reason for my seeming contradiction...  i learned of Kiva a couple years ago when my cousin donated money to it in my name for my birthday.  i got to go through the website and choose exactly whose project in the world my $25 went to support.   i chose to contribute to the $500 asked for by a cambodian woman who needed some equipment for her family farm.  after the $500 was raised, she repaid the debt to Kiva, who put my $25 back in my account and i got to choose someone else to support!   i have continued this pattern of choosing a person, getting repaid, and selecting again.  it has been interesting to learn what people around the world really need. 

thanks G4!  ;)


amydove said...

I realize that this is not the point, but the first thing I notice while reading this is that in order to buy things from etsy, or donate through kiva, or similar online things, don't you have to use a credit card?

Julia said...


And LOL, Amy. I interpret "don't use credit cards" as "don't carry a balance on your credit card", although I suppose that could be up for debate if you want to opt out of the financial-industrial complex or something. And Etsy actually just takes Paypal. :)

heroineworshipper said...

Julia wrote: "Stay out of debt"

Kiva wrote: "connect people through lending"