Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the greek island of Ios

a few weeks ago i met several friends on the greek island of ios. what an amazing place for a reunion!

we rented scooters to explore the remote places of the island. following the 4-wheelers on the deserted roads made it feel like a real life game of mario cart!

the sunsets and the views were incredible.

at this beautiful place i ate one of the tastiest and most memorable meals of my life.

we realized one evening when asked at a restaurant that we were a group of 12 friends from 10 different countries.

thank you friends. not sure when i'll see you again, but those were some good times!


Chuck said...

Is that where the name of Jupiter's most volcanic moon comes from?

astropixie said...

i know the moons were names after greek gods - maybe the island name was based on the deity as well? good question.