Thursday, February 24, 2011

what confuses physicists?

sixty symbols continues its series of videos answering viewers' questions. in this installment we were asked "what parts of physics confuse you?" the short answer: a lot!


amydove said...

I love this! I might show this to my students just to show that everyone has trouble with something!

skywatcher88 said...

Hi there in tomorrow
I`m writing now from your yesterday
But in a nutshell its only a measure.
We all exist at the moment
And the ying and yang of it all
keeps me in wonderment.
This is a great series the Sixty Symbols
Iv`e watched most of the clips.(Thanks to your link to it)
Gives this 1/6,893,218,988 of the earthling population some insight
into the scientific factual? world! Confusing or not!

Master Bates said...

Loved that video. Makes one feel one is in the right company :)

Can I just mention Conformal Cyclic Cosmology? Sir Penrose, I have a bone to pick with you.