Sunday, September 20, 2009

three years later

from st. peter's church tower in munich in 2006:

and 2009:


Anonymous said...

Three years and you are still a lovely woman!
From Austin, Jeff & Cindy

Big Mark 243 said...

I agree ... and the two photos do show the growth from then to now!!

Nikky said...

both pics are neat to look's kind of like where's waldo! I would like to add that you look younger in the 2009 then in the 2006...whatever you are doing i want to know! i have some crow's feet to get rid of! LOL!

Tom Lowe said...

More beautiful each day. :)

I love you with long hair, but of course guys always love longer hair.

Alisa said...

you are super cute in both, but I think you look more grown up pretty in the second one. Love the hair cut, btw, layers look good on you.