Tuesday, June 23, 2009

what did you have for breakfast?

the US supplies all sorts of silly types of cereal: lucky charms, cinnamon toast crunch, count chocula, etc... most of these cereals have a ridiculous amount of sugar in them, but i got reminiscent the other day thinking about them.

then i received this video from brady, the guy making the sixty symbols videos, and i realize that a lot of scientists in nottingham eat corn flakes for breakfast!?

today i had strawberries and a piece of toast. what did you have for breakfast?


Anonymous said...

I had some strong black coffee (Las Delicias beans from El Salvador, ground to order, since you ask. It's my one affectation) and a banana. And some chocolate which happened to be lying around. Whaddya mean, chocolate for breakfast? Is there a wrong time for breakfast?

Funnily enough, in a little while I shall be telling this to the engineer at BBC Radio Cumbria where I'll be recording part of my contribution to a little project we're working on.

Just watched the Jupiter video. I'm impressed - you are so very good at getting your enthusiasm for your subject across. You inject a bit of much-needed charisma into the Sixty Symbols series! Just a small tip - watch Brady and don't let your eyes wander so much. I have this problem too.

Anonymous said...

That should, of course, have read "Is there a wrong time for chocolate?" Doh!

Big Mark 243 said...

Loved the pessimist definition ... and the cat who's daughter wanted bran flakes ... prolly cause Da was having bran flakes ...

... today's breakie was the same as dinner ... a touch of sleep
with a bunch of run and shower!!

My environment doesn't allow for me to prepare a right breakfast, so I often skip it ... :o(

Unknown said...

thanks for the tips on the video recording! i'll try to remember those things while talking, but its tough!

Rik Gern said...

Strong coffee. Orange juice. Apple. Oatmeal with raisins, honey, and a banana. That's the formula that works for me on a working day. Now I'm gonna go and burn all them calories!

Soon as I get a day off I'm gonna treat myself to a "wake and bake" breakfast!

Nana Jones said...

I had a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with almonds and a glass of skim milk. Pretty standard for me.

Peregrine said...

I loved the English breakfast when I was over there. A little expensive from the Hotel restaurant, but I had it a couple times at the place across the street on Gloucester. A nice full breakfast, compared to what I usually end up having at home.

Usually I have a bowl of cereal and 2 cups of coffee. Today it was Honey Nut Cheerios.