Wednesday, April 8, 2009

cambodia - first impressions

non-stop, chaotic movement,
dominated by motocyclists with up to four riders!
few helmets.
many mouth/nose covers.

intersections harbor motorists
moving along vectors of >every< direction.
glad i'm not navigating the tuk-tuk!

concentrated faces during the day
in order to keep up with the pace.
smiling faces at night
when the winds blow and the temperature cools.

many market fish still jumping.
unidentifiable animal parts sitting on the table
next to the petite, squatting woman chopping them up.

ladies blush when asked for a photo.
young children yell >hello!!< as we walk past.

we ate a veggie-full soup last night,
based on the khmer diet.
unknown animal parts boiled to make a broth.
loads of various greens added
along with basil and many other herbs.
two kinds of noodles finished the base,
then we scooped it into our bowls
to make room for more greens in the pot!
option to add a bit of a flavorful brown gravy for texture,
and spicy red chili paste -
if you think your stomach can handle it!
apparently mine couldnt.

hopefully i'll remember that lesson today.


Sarah Anne said...

I didn't know you wrote poetry.

Candie said...

ouch!Hope you'll be ok.

And yeah nicely written :)

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Oooh. I hope you recover enough to be able to enjoy the food. Did it at least taste good the first time?

nagathihalliramesh said...

From the Diaries of the Dead

Those who enter Cambodia
see a map of a thousand skulls
these skulls one by one
tell their stories
which begin,

‘One day
after the declaration of peace
while returning from the war
thinking that the bullets would go waste
lined up thousands of Cambodians
and killed them all.’

lalamandala said...

awesome!!!! all of it! I wish I could be there!