Wednesday, March 18, 2009

balloon model astronomy!

here are a few photos from the conference i attended last week in london. i'm working on writing some reflections, but for now, some pictures will have to do!

at lunch, a balloon artist, Bubblz Ainslie, asked maggie philbin to challenge her. she responded: make a radio telescope!

very impressive! near the end of the conference, we all electronically voted on what other astronomical tool we wanted to see as a balloon model, and the international space station won!

shenanigans ensued.

here she is, the artist hard at work, trying to create a balloon spiral galaxy... bubblz the math clown!

this one isnt astronomically related, but too cute not to highlight!


Holiday Queen said...

Very cool blog!

lpickup said...

I enjoyed your pictures and your blog. Are you a teacher? How did you come to be at this conference?

Double-Dolphin said...

WO! Looks almost impossible to do!

reyjr said...

Lol. Great um.. ballooning?

Oh look, we're sponsors of your event!

And I think the 'Mother of Invention' is Dissatisfaction. :p

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Viewtiful_Justin said...

That's kind of amazing! I love the space station construction! So neat.

astropixie said...

reyjr - dissatisfaction.. thats great!

ipickup - i'm not teaching right now, i'm doing research in astronomy as a postdoc. i went to the conference because i thought it sounded interesting!!