Wednesday, April 2, 2008

make it work!

"make it work!" has been my mantra recently and will continue to be until i finish this crazy phd defense business... at least! i caught it from watching season 4 of project runway and hearing the incredibly poised tim gunn repeat his catchphrase over and over while guiding the blossoming designers to greatness! i havent been too big of a tv show watcher for many years now, but i definitely have my favorites. project runway unexpectedly caught my attention while i was hanging out in the sleepy town of hilo, hawaii last fall, trying to occupy myself after the entire town shut down at 9pm! i've been a complete fan ever since!

anyway, i had a realization this week as i motivationally said to myself "just make it work!" over and over in my head....

tim gunn totally has a C-3PO stance!!!!

his mannerisms fit, it totally works, and i think it's completely adorable!! i like tim even more now!! thanks tim for helping me thru a crazy period in my life even though you have no idea of your influence!


Julia said...

My main hobby is sewing and Tim Gunn is very big in the sewing world. :) At our house we call Project Runway "the sewing reality TV show" and it definitely gets watched!

Anonymous said...

You are so right! I never noticed it before but he is totally C-3PO!