Sunday, March 2, 2008

neko case

neko case is my rock and roll crush. i am absolutely in awe of her musical mastery! she is a brilliantly unique songwriter and i've never heard a voice so powerful and pure. the best part about her is that she gets it... whatever that might mean to you! she dislikes auto-tuners "fixing" recorded voices, she doesnt want to be "too famous"... she just wants to be heard, and she's passionate about what she does. she has a lifelong fan in me!

"hold on hold on"



Julia said...

Oh, I love Neko Case! I most love her work with The New Pornographers, but her solo stuff is awesome too.

FlyingSinger said...

I got "Fox Confessor" a while ago but it seems the heavy reverb on the vocals reminded me of some album from the 60's that I didn't like, so I didn't listen too carefully. Based on your rave, I'm giving her a second chance now, looking beyond the reverb, and some of the tunes sound really cool. Reminds me a little of Jenny Lewis and Rilo Kiley (her band) who I recently discovered and really like. They released (legit) free MP3's of most of the songs on Rabbit Fur Coat (Jenny's solo album) to promote it.


Unknown said...

i also discovered jenny lewis thru neko and really enjoy her album!

"fox confessor" seems to be hit or miss with many people i talk to. i dont like all the songs, but i really really like most of them! my favorite album of neko's is "blacklisted."